Testimony – To do over, duplicate, or do again

This weekend my marriage has been restored—without Encounter Marriage I don’t know that my marriage would have survived. Because of the materials, the tools, testimonies and praise received and learned this weekend we now have a new anniversary date to celebrate! – B.D

Thank you, this weekend has been a chance to reset my marriage and commitment to my wife. The activities and “Life Walk” allowed my wife and I to get out of the head to head conversation and tell each other how we feel. Thank you for showing us a path. Showing us there is a plan. – D.F.

This weekend created a deeper intimacy with my wife and God. Thank you for your efforts to create an atmosphere to become more “one”! – H.D.

We came here as a last-ditch effort to help (actually save) our marriage. We could not speak one word without fighting. We barely made it here together. We had to promise other people we would come and it’s the only reason we both made it. Over the weekend everything has changed. We realized we are not alone, God is with us. We now have the tools to communicate with each other in a positive way. Best marriage retreat we have ever been to! – D.L.

[To be able] to move into deeper communication was HUGE. To verbalize our hurt in a safe place was huge too, to connect at a heart level this weekend was all possible because of what you have created for the couples in this ministry. – M.B.

Every married couple should attend an Encounter Marriage Weekend Retreat. If your marriage is good it will become great! – D.W.

Restoration happened this weekend. The healing of wounds was profound, almost physical. I was able to forgive my wife, and I felt forgiven. I remember what it’s like to love the bride of my youth. – E.M.

Thank you! This weekend provided the safe place for my husband and I to reconnect on so many levels. We have been at odds for so long. I am so thankful for this man God gave me and for Encounter Marriage that gave us the tools to conquer the enemy! – L.S.

The whole weekend was a tune-up that we didn’t know how much we needed. – P.M.

Though out this weekend we were able to mend our hearts and release the past. We love each other and look forward to growing closer and stronger with each other and God. – C.L.

You all have given us the tools to rebuild, strengthen and set a course for our marriage.
Thank you for Being Real!!!! – M.K.

God showed me not only how much my wife loves me, but how much He loves me! I have realized over the weekend how I need to include Jesus in everything I do, but especially in my marriage. – J.L.

We were just blown away by the love that everyone had and how comfortable we felt. The weekend that was put together was simply amazing. You and Rick are so blessed in this area, we couldn’t get enough of you guys. Seriously. The conference content was superb and we were really effected by everyone’s testimony, those are so powerful and great teaching tools as well. Thank you guys for a life-changing weekend! – J.G.

A great time of enrichment and renewal. – E.G.

God healed our relationship in a way we didn’t realize it was broken. He brought light to issues we have been struggling with and has restored areas and brought healing to many areas. Thank you for helping God to grant freedom in our marriage!! – D.C.

This weekend broke down barriers…we had a good marriage, but now we feel equipped to have a great one! – B.A.

This weekend gave us an opportunity to escape distraction and have honest discussion and evaluation of our marriage (and difficult subjects) without feeling shamed on or on the spot. A very disarming atmosphere. We feel stronger and like we are on a honeymoon again. – S.Z.

This weekend broke down the walls and obstacles that were keeping my wife and I from connecting like God planned for us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! – K.W.