"This has been the most transforming weekend and experience for us. We are so encouraged and we walked away suited in the armor God has always intended for us."

Couple that attended Encounter Marriage Weekend, 2013

Relation Vacation One-Day Encounter

July 19th, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Do you want…

  • To have fun with each other the way you did when you were dating?
  • Be able to handle life’s pressures together as a team?
  • A more fulfilling marriage filled with fun and laughter?
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Weekend Info

 Encounter Marriage Weekend is a multi-faceted experience for married couples that includes:

  • A weekend away
  • Dynamic, impacting teaching
  • A unique outdoor Life Walk experience
  • Time to relate with other couples
  • A joyful celebration of marriage
  • A romantic candlelight dinner
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Encounter Marriage Monthly

 Honor: The Atmosphere of Grace,  June 1

Encounter Marriage Monthly is a once-a-month meeting with the focus of fellowship and discussion.  Experience interactive application between you and your spouse and leave with practical tools that will help you take your marriage to a higher level.

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Mark Your Calendar

Encounter Marriage Monthly
June 1, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Free event; Registration is not required

Relation Vacation
July 19, 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

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Relation Vacation

The relation vacation is a great opportunity for you and your loved one to gather with Rick, Brenda and their ministry team and receive fulfillment and encouragement!

What is in a Weekend?


Perspective from all angles

Rich and Elizabeth Tooley share their personal testimony and teach about the uniqueness of blended families. Marriage and the make up of families is changing constantly and couples are met with perspective from ALL angles!

Hold On… I’m Here

No one is alone in this experience. Encounter Marriage Weekend shows couples how to hold onto words of wisdom, love, teachings and each other as they study scripture and their relationships. Hold on… I am Here.

Fun where you Run

It’s not all serious lectures and introspective study! You run right into FUN at Encounter Marriage Weekend. Couples get cheered on as they run through a “cheer tunnel” after completing their weekend.

Sharing comes first

Rick and Brenda have been in your shoes. They kick off the weekend sharing their own personal story and what led them to stand before couples today to help them strengthen their walk with Christ and their walk with each other.

Weekend Walk TOGETHER

Couples of all ages and all backgrounds are welcome to attend and experience Encounter Marriage Weekend. Each couple, no matter how long they have been married – will be renewed and uplifted in this Weekend Walk TOGETHER!

Words of Prophecy

Couples receive and claim prophetic words of guidance and encouragement while attending Encounter Marriage Weekend.

The Ministry Team

The Encounter Marriage Weekend Ministry Team includes Rick and Brenda Laurence as well as Rich and Elizabeth Tooley